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Citrefine and Citriodiol®
Citrefine International Limited was founded in Leeds, England in 1994. Since then, it has aimed to develop the valuable properties and uses of oil from the eucalyptus citriodora tree (corymbia citriodora). By distilling and enriching this oil, Citrefine has created a naturally derived active ingredient used in insect repellents. We call this Citriodiol® (also known in the USA through its EPA registration as Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus) and have undertaken numerous field and laboratory trials to test its effect on an array of insects. Leading authorities worldwide now recognise Citriodiol’s® first-rate efficacy making it the only plant-based repellent with this level of accreditation.

Citrefine and Innovation
At Citrefine we are committed to developing Citriodiol®’s use as an active substance for use in a variety of applications.  For example, in addition to its use as a traditional repellent, research has shown it is also highly effective as an anti-microbial.  We have also found it can be encapsulated to provide greatly extended efficacy in repelling insects from treated articles such as clothing or tents.  We are accelerating our investment in these areas and will continue to support such research so that our customers can benefit from this and other innovative applications. CLICK HERE for the latest publication in this subject.

Citrefine and Growth
Citrefine has recently expanded its activities by setting up a North American operation. In addition, we are working with Citrefine Plantations Ltd to develop a source of corymbia citriodora (eucalyptus citriodora) closer to home.  This will strengthen our ability to ensure the oil we use to produce Citriodiol® is of the highest quality and produced using sustainable and ethical practices.

We trust this site will provide you with all the initial information you require regarding Citrefine International Limited and Citriodiol®.  Please feel free to contact us directly with any further questions or concerns you may have
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